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Elevate your game with Mental Skills Coaching and Brainspotting for Sport Performance. Overcome pressure, regain confidence, and conquer setbacks. Let's optimize your performance and unlock your full potential together.

"When you cultivate the ability to live in, and for the moment, we enjoy the reality of what life and our sport has to offer. Become the best version of yourself on and off the field"

Zach Van Leeuwen


Do you experience large amounts of pressure to perform well? Are your thoughts constantly controlling you during sport performance? Are you lacking confidence in your own abilities? Are you having a difficult time mentally coming back from an injury? As athletes we face many stressors in and out of our sport that can impact our overall performance in sport.


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Zach Van Leeuwen,


Family Sports Performance

Zach is a dedicated Family Sports Therapist and Mental Skills Sports Coach with a rich background in athletics and mental health. As a former Division 1 athlete, Zach brings over 5 years of coaching and training experience to his practice, where he blends his passion for sports with his expertise in mental health. With a commitment to helping athletes achieve their full potential on and off the field, Zach specializes in providing support and guidance to navigate the complexities of sports-related challenges and personal growth.

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Brainspotting unlocks deep-rooted traumas and emotional blockages, fostering healing and enhanced mental well-being.

Individual & Family Therapy

Discover personalized support and strengthen familial bonds through our individual and family therapy services.

Mental Health Therapy for Athletes

Elevate your mental well-being and athletic performance with specialized mental health therapy designed for athletes.

Team Mental Skills Sessions

Boost team cohesion and performance with dynamic mental skills sessions tailored for your athletic squad.

Mental Skills Class & Coaching

Elevate your game with our comprehensive mental skills class and coaching, designed to optimize performance and foster a winning mindset.

My Approach & Philosophy

As a former dual-sport athlete in football and basketball, I cherished the memories of traveling with my AAU basketball team to tournaments nationwide. Sports, invaluable as teaching tools, offer myriad opportunities for personal growth. Yet, I've observed athletes losing sight of the joy in their pursuits, burdened by external pressures and the fear of failure. Some even find their entire identity consumed by their sport.

Following my football-centric college years, I encountered burnout due to the lack of life balance. Nevertheless, my ardor for aiding others, teaching, and coaching endured. Combining my passions, I've devoted myself to assisting athletes in achieving peak performance while nurturing their mental well-being.

In my practice, I employ brainspotting, a modality aiding athletes in healing from sports-related traumas and accessing optimal performance states, colloquially known as 'the zone'. Leveraging my athletic background and clinical expertise, I equip athletes with mental resilience to conquer inner battles and life's challenges alike.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to join your team and contribute to your athletes' journey. Reach out for a complimentary phone consultation at your convenience.

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